Lost in the labyrinth of destruction
Neverending ride in a death train
Still alone, the prisoner of four walls
Now he writing cross after your name

You walk alone in this maze of death,
where everything is only bad dream
So go! Your destruction is so near
Who is hearing your desperate scream?

So begin to live
and throw away this waste
Find yourself in this maze
Near end you taste

Still alone you go to your end
Still alone you kill yourself
What do you see at this fucking dreams?
Now your life is on the edge


Im standing in the ring of death
Im feeling fire in my head
Im waiting only for my win
Prepare yourself for the dying

Your existence is death for me
And your destruction is my life
One of us must die
Prepare yourself for this fight

No choice stand or fall
No choice you or me
No choice life or death
No choice I want to be free
You are waiting for my mistake,
But I am waiting for yours too
Face to face, eyes to eyes
Everyone from us has got the truth

Yesterday friends, today enemies,
Cause our destiny is a fight


Now I can see every day, when I lived
Through the walls of my room
These walls are eyes of my life
Now I can see the truth

My life was like a maze
When I looked for myself
I cannot remember these days,
When they prepared my end

My dark memories go for me
I cannot go, I want to stay

They are still in my back
Now Im so afraid
My dirty soul will fade to black
Theyre trying to catch my mind


You are still alone in a dark cell
Your mind escapes from your head
Still alone with last memories
You hope, that all is only a dream
You feel the blood to stream in your veins
On the forehead cold sweat flows down
Now you know, that it was big mistake
You cannot this thing to forget

Last night in your life
You cannot sleep
All is burning in your mind
You want to live

Youve heard your sentence a while before
Tomorrow morning you will not be
Ask yourself is it really or dream
You cannot sleep this night

Feel like your fingers stiff
Strong pressure in your temples
You try to forget everything
Your death will come TOMORROW


The shadows in the garden beside your window
You can see this picture: the trees move as the wind blows
The trees move as the wind blows

The bleeding hands on the face, it hide the pain
It the fear on the outside from the eyes, which tell the lie
From the eyes, which tell the lie

Shining lights from the dark sky
In the black sea my house stands

Please shut my mouth and pull down the wall
Pull down my head and please close the door
Pull down my head, please, close the door


Each minutes explodes in my eyes
My head turning to dust
My body will be destructed
My soul will be alive
You feel my spirit in your head
You cannot sleep at night
I am the darkness in your mind
You cannot see the light
I am the darkness in your mind
You cannot see the light

Your time is coming in this while
And nothing cant come back
The mirrors are your empty eyes,
where you can see your life
I dont remember, how I died,
It was done by your hand
You are the killer of my life
And now Im bring your death
You are the killer of my life
Now I bring your death

Come with me, where you sent myself
Insanity sets you free


Open your eyes
To see this world
The world inside of you
The world full of dreams
Vision of death

You never see
To face of life
Alone with your dreams
You dont see the light
The light of the life

Listen to my voice, which is calling you
Come to me here is time without sence

Neverending dreams
You are its prisoner
Your time is coming
Your death is near
Coma of soul

Now its too late
You want to live
Now its too late
Lost in your grave


You dont know, who am I
Let me introduce myself
Im the man, who control your mind
I tell you: kill yourself

Everything, what you see, is only what I want
Everything, what you need, is only to hear my voice
Everything, what you feel, is only my existence
Now you know very good, that you have no choice

You must still to do, only what I will want
You never listen to the voice of yourelf
You never think about this, what you would to do
Now your pure body is only puppet in my hands

Youre the man
The man without will
Only face

You dont know, who am I
Let me introduce myself
Im controling your mind
I tell you : kill yourself

All days, when you lived, are now needless
All your dreams and desires are turning to dust
All your fucking life is now without sense
Now I am going to command your fucking mind


My broken heart spills blood
Everything, what Ive felt, is lost in the maze of time
People, who I loved, are strangers for me
Nobody knows, what I can see

I looked for love and I only found the laugh
I looked for friends and I only found the hate
I looked for freedom and I found the slavery
Everyone is slave of his life

Nobody hears my silent scream
When I say : Im going to end
This strong fear stops my thoughts
This fucking world I hate to death

Im going to end
This strong fear stops my thoughts
This fucking world I hate to death


Why did you throw away the things, for what you lived?
Have you forgoten the things, the things in your dreams?
Who from us told you: forget everything ?
Youve had so great thoughts, youve had so great plans

Look to the face of killer, the killer of your dreams
The killer of your life, the killer of your next days
Im your destruction, Im your fucking death
Im death of your brain, death of everything about youve dreamed

Now, come in come to my castle
Now, come in come to me now


I dont remember, how long am I living wreck
I wanna live, but I am bury in life
My dead body is my prisoning
Now I am desperate, cause I cannot do anything

I can speak only through my living eyes
Only my living eyes are the door to life,
Only darkness is deliver for me
I cannot look at this things, this things around of me

I wanna scream: I am here
I wanna shout: I want to live

We all are wrecks, only living wrecks,
Cause we cannot do nothing to change this fucking world


Im sick of your imagination
I want to be right
I dont mind, what you think about
I want to sleep at night without fear

Why do you want to kill me?
Why this fucking war?
Dont try to change me in your way
Your invention, no more, you destroys me

You never change me (why do you want to kill me?)
I wanna be only myself (why this fucking war?)
You say, that you love me (dont try to change me in your way)
I love myself more

I run away from you
I wanna save my skin
Now I know, who you are, I hate you
I like my life more than you